Club History

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From This – 1970…

To This – 2011!


Produced from the club records by Brigid and Richard, who are the only remaining pair of original members


A group, namely Joe and Daphne, Peter, Lillian, Frank and John, used to meet up in each others houses and gardens to enjoy Naturism and discuss forming a club.


VALARIAN was formed. Brigid and Richard moved to the Island and were members of North Kent Sun Club. Ernest, an original partner of North Kent requested we get in touch with the group who were looking for a site.


Brigid and Richard joined Valarian.


29 March:
Walkershill Copse was found and the first AGM took place at Joe and Daphne’s House in Ventnor, where it was agreed Joe correspond with Mr. Butler the owner of the land [who was a helicopter pilot in London] and was refused planning permission to build a house on the site.
Negotiations for a 5 year lease at £52 pa was agreed.

6 May:
A joint application to the I W planning dept: was made for the site to be used for Naturism. This was granted on 22 July.

29 November:
A Special General Meeting was held where a works committee of 3 was formed; Frank, Richard & Syd. To undertake the clearing of hazels and saplings and undergrowth to provide a sunbathing area… this was achieved by block and tackle and brute force.
A bank account was opened with Lloyds bank in Ventnor during the winter of 1969.


The Royal National Hospital for T.B. was to be demolished and sold (now the car park at the Ventnor Botanic Gardens).
A large chicken house, 20 foot long by 10 foot wide, was purchased for £20. This was dismantled and transported to the site and stacked in the woods in sections during the winter.
A 6×6 foot shed was obtained to use as a toilet and tool shed at a cost of £5.20. The cost of these were met by a donation from Peter.

Planning permission was granted for a temporary building Until 1974 which meant renewal every 5 years when the lease also renewed. Cars had to park in the lane outside the present gates and foot access was over a plank bridge over the ditch which feeds the present pond. and a narrow path through the woods to the clearing.
Southern Region accepted Valarian as full member of CCBN.


The Pavilion is completed.


A.G.M. Valarian name changed to VALERIAN, as it is the plant known as Ventnor Pride after which the club was named.
VALERIAN (Centranthus rubber) was supposed to inspire love and was used as a love potion.
{For if a girl wore Valerian, She would never lack lovers!!!}
[Interesting fact: The young leaves can be used in salads, but are rather bitter.]

A Biological trap was dug and installed for waste water from the sink in the pavilion.


Joe unfortunately died suddenly, and in his memory Daphne was made a Life member.
A well was dug, 12 feet deep, for an auxiliary water supply. This was only used for plants and building work. Drinking water had to be collected from Guildford Farm or brought in by members!


Fencing was erected round the well and a lid placed on top for safety. Planning permission was renewed for another 5 years.
Gas heating, cooking and lights were installed in the pavilion.
Frank passed away, and in his memory Lillian made President.
Lillian donated the legal costs of £62 for getting the water supply arranged.


A new water supply was installed. This was from Mr. Pettit the neighbouring farmer, and was via a hosepipe connected to a tap by his cattle trough! He charged the club at a rate of 19p per 1000 gallons.


Signing in book introduced for fire safety (Still in use to this very day!)


Swim and sauna group started.
Generator bought by members forming a separate trust.
Richard and Brigid donated a small 12 by 3 foot splash pool.
A proposal to enlarge the pavilion…never materialised.


Another 5 year lease granted!


New elsan flushing toilet installed, and a pit was dug.


Gates installed at the club entrance.


Water heater installed in pavilion.


Chalk delivered for a roadway into the clubs car park.


Rex Watson became a member (Later became the editor of the BN magazine)


Generator trust wound up.


General maintenance of pavilion and grounds


Several break ins were reported!


Repairs were made to the pavilion roof, which had been found to be leaking.


A new cooker was installed in the pavilion.


Funds were raised to purchase club grounds. Price £4000.+£521.65 legal fees. Funds were from donations and an interest free loan from a member. 150 VDC club monthly draw started.


Super Loo (Otherwise known as The Tardis) was acquired and painted green, and a soak away was built
Car park is enlarged.


New club house was planned to be of block construction and cost £5000.
A lot of hedge laying on the boundary took place


Children’s play area with swings and sand pit improved.
The Club House was built, and was opened by Lillian.
[Interesting fact: A time capsule was laid in the floor cavity.]


The Old Pavilion was dismantled and made into tool shed.
A new larger BBQ was built of bricks.
Kitchen and multipoint installed inside and a shower outside at the back.


A Pergola was built in place of the old pavilion on its foundations. The slabs were laid on patio of new club house.


The new toilet block with showers built at a cost of £5785


A Wild life pond was made inside the club entrance. 5 x 25T Lorry loads of chalk was delivered and levelled with a ballast topping for the miniten court.
A wood burning stove was put in the club house for £692.
Water was now supplied through a meter which was connected to Mr. Pettit’s mains supply.
Generator and gas fridge bought.


Shower block floor tiles laid.
A Water pipe was buried from the car park down the drive to outside our entrance at a cost of £922…only to find out the main pipe in the lane is Private!


Lillian, the club president died.
2 kitchen windows were upgraded into double glazed windows after a break in, at a of cost £882.50!
A new cooker was bought and a porch was erected on the shower block.


Millennium grant for sports use was denied.
Vivienne and Duncan donated their family caravan.


Miniten court was made into a badminton & petanque court.
The first VSC web page was created!
The BBQ tables were re-tiled.


A Base was laid for a large shed to house the ride on mower and tools by a gang of members + 6 wheelbarrows! The shed cost £1093.
A new camping lawn cleared and grassed.
4 Trustees appointed Philip, David, Richard & Catherine-Ann as non executive officers.


The club mobile phone is purchased.
A concrete ramp was made to the shed for a new ride on mower which cost £500 +vat.
A new kitchen was installed to meet hygiene requirements.
A quote was received for electricity, which was £5050 and a fund was started.
A large sink was installed behind the shower block for campers to use.


Transfer from Trustees to Ltd: Company VALERIAN MANAGEMENT LTD: trading as Valerian Sun Club.
A path was made through the woods to the stop cock over a new bridge.
Two second hand fridges were acquired.
Club caravan is renovated.
New gates and posts in place.
Planning permission was granted for a conservatory on the end of the club house. A £3000 donation was given by Gordon, a very generous member!
A solar panel was fitted to the shower block to provide lighting.
The petanque court was widened and a new wood shed built.
Trailer for mower purchased.


A new quote for electric was received, this time for £6000 (+ £1000. To Mr. Pettit!) As a reslut mains electric now connected!
The conservatory is erected by the hard work of members.
Rex Watson died (former editor of British Naturism).
The caravan was replaced and paid for by David.


Electricity installed in the club house and conservatory for £500, and a water tank + immersion heater fitted in the loft for £180.
Rex’s Retreat [by the petanque court] was dedicated.


An extension is built on the end of shower block to provide another wash basin and toilet suitable for the disabled.


The wooden recreation room was bought and delivered for £1650. The bitumen tiles for the roof were donated by Ken. It was built in sections on railway sleepers by the members and finished in time for the Christmas Dinner!


The interior of the recreation room ceiling was insulated.
A new static web site is set up at at a cost of £50 year!
Electric points for campers installed.


The kitchen is revamped and a dishwasher plumbed in.
New water heater installed on outside of shower block and cost £1000.
Extension at the back of the recreation room to be added and ceiling to be lined.
Plastic matting put down for caravans on the grass behind the old pavilion area.


Ten members have erected wooden sheds discretely in the woods for their own storage use. They pay £100 a year ground rent.
A new brick BBQ has been built with 4 separate grill places for either charcoal or logs.